Kathy Brown Dodds, local chair of the Rice County Republicans penned this fine letter of support on behalf of Joe Moravchik’s run for MN House 20B.

To the editor:

Knowing that Rep. Todd Lippert is a far-left liberal, pushing legislation that would take away parental inclusion in educational curriculum, encourage more government oversight and regulations on small businesses and public land usage, I suggest that it’s time for him to step away and let someone who really cares about individual rights take the District 20B seat in the State House.

Lippert has not listened to his constituents who want big government to get out of the way in order to let individuals chart their own path to success. And he has stood with Gov. Walz who has shut down all of Minnesota with a “one size fits all” solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lippert let our local restaurants and small businesses suffer and die because they were forced to close, even in rural counties with few cases of the virus. While other local legislators, Sen. Jasinski, Sen. Draheim and Rep. Daniels all pleaded with the governor to loosen restrictions, Lippert was silent. He followed his party line, and did not have the best interests of the voters in his district.

We can do better; we have an alternative, someone who puts politics aside and works toward the betterment of all individuals and communities. He is Joe Moravchik, of Lonsdale. With a background as a teacher, a policeman and a longtime coach, he brings a thoughtful, refreshing approach to solutions that work for all of us. He also has a law degree, and his aim is to always put the individual in the best position to succeed. He and his supporters will be in all the HD20B communities to help you learn more about this fine candidate.

I hope you welcome him and consider him as your new representative in the Minnesota State House. He won’t ignore the concerns of the voters.

Kathy Brown Dodds


Originally published in the Northfield News, June 2020