Author: Aramis Wells

1 Day to the Election

Thank you to my mom for the wonderful letter she wrote, check it out below. Aramis is a unique fellow. It’s almost as if his father and I knew that when he was born and gave him his unusual name: Aramis. It seems to suit him. Growing up, Aramis was a quiet but active kid.  Didn’t get into much trouble …

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2 Days to the Election

There is nothing better than opening the local newspapers and reading a letter from friends and community members about why they think I should be their next Representative. The race in is the final days and our team wanted to share some of these letters. Here are some of the things people are saying about Aramis. “Being captain of the …

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Aramis Wells will bring power to the people

This letter originally appeared in the Northfield News. Thanks Bruce! To the editor: I am a longtime activist in local politics, working rural (Bridgewater), city (Dundas) and regional (Northfield area) issues of planning and development. From my experience I have learned that understanding that “all politics are local” is an important part of building the political will to address important and divisive issues. I know Aramis Wells, candidate for House District 20B, understands this and the importance of bringing power to local governments (townships and cities) where people have their best access to their elected officials. He understands that...

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4 Days to the Election

4 Days to the election, have you checked out The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure board recently. Their October/Pre-General Election finance reports came out and it proves Aramis has a large grassroots army backing him. Here are some of the facts to show that” Of the $13,483 raised from indivual contributions $6,642 (roughly half) came from contributions of $200 …

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