Author: Jason Kocina

Presidential Preference Poll

Tuesday, February 4th, you will be able to cast a preference ballot for a Republican candidate for Governor and US Senate, discuss changes to our platform, vote for delegates to your local Party convention (or be elected yourself!), and lay the foundation for the 2014 elections. By attending your local caucus, you are showing that you support Republican candidates and take your civic duty to participate seriously. By attending your local caucus, you make our Party much stronger. Thank...

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Electing Precinct Officers

Your precinct is the smallest government area mapped in the US, served by one polling place and is comprised of your neighbors. One of the activities for caucus night is to elect who will represent your precinct within the party. This representation gives the average Republican a contact close to them which they can utilize to stay part of the process. Some precincts have barbecues and are active in driving early voting as well as get out the vote campaigns.  I can imagine precincts in Rice County holding local events to introduce our endorsed candidates to their friends and...

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Electing Delegates & The Endorsement Process

Our party, much like our government, is structured to allow individuals to best manage activity at the local level. This republican style of self-government is evident in our endorsement process. The Republican Party of Minnesota endorses candidates through the caucus / convention system. Every two years you and your neighbors come together in a meeting called a caucus. It is called Precinct Caucuses because the groups are based on the smallest government related division in the United States, the precinct or sometimes called voting district. One activity you will do is decide, as a group, who will represent your precinct within the...

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