What a great letter from Kathy Dodds printed in the Faribault Daily News.

To the editor:

State Rep. Brian Daniels is running for re-election to the legislature. In his two-year term, he has accomplished much and laid the groundwork for much more.

He signed onto a bill addressing disparity in funding between metro and out-state schools, and helped pass legislation to make significant investments in our local schools, helping to close the achievement gap, and bring us additional per-pupil dollars.

Daniels also secured funding for the State Academies in Faribault to upgrade their software and computer equipment, and succeeded in getting much-needed funding for our nursing homes.

He helped pass a bill to exempt all military pensions from state tax, allowing veterans to keep more of their money. In addition, he passed critical mental health legislation, authored a law to have all TVs in medical facilities be Closed Caption to help the deaf and hard of hearing, introduced legislation to allocate funds for the Rice County Veterans Memorial, supported extension of unemployment benefits during crises situations, legislation that gave working parents tax relief and child care tax relief.

Representative Rod Hamilton, Agricultural Finance Committee chair, called Brian a “terrific member” of that committee. And University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler sent him a thank you for his support of legislation to aid that facility. Also, he has a bill ready to help farmers with older tractors to install roll bars as a safety feature using farm group donations rather than tax money. Daniels has signed onto legislation to allow larger freight trucks, with more axles and more wheels to spread the weight. This would permit larger loads, reducing the number of trucks on the highways, without further damage to the roadways.

One of the biggest bonding bills in history was passed by the State House 91 to 39, but stalled in the Senate when it offered an amendment to expand taxing authority related to light rail transit in the metro area. Money from this bill would have helped finish the reconstruction of Hwy. 14 as well as many other roads and bridges. The governor wanted it to include light rail, everyone else could just wait. Daniels also signed onto a bill that would have provided $800 million in tax relief to Minnesota citizens, but the governor wouldn’t sign it.

Brian deserves another term.

Kathy Dodds