Our party, much like our government, is structured to allow individuals to best manage activity at the local level. This republican style of self-government is evident in our endorsement process. The Republican Party of Minnesota endorses candidates through the caucus / convention system. Every two years you and your neighbors come together in a meeting called a caucus. It is called Precinct Caucuses because the groups are based on the smallest government related division in the United States, the precinct or sometimes called voting district.

One activity you will do is decide, as a group, who will represent your precinct within the party. These individuals are called delegates because they are delegated the responsibility to endorse candidates at the local level and vote on individuals to represent our county at the Congressional and State Conventions where endorsements will be made for US Congress and state-wide elections.

Having respected neighborhood leaders to represent you allows people to focus on their family, business and community while still maintaining a connection to the process.

The process requires candidates talk directly to voters to get the endorsement.  Elected delegates will have greater access to the candidates and should take time vetting them for your precinct. The primary responsibilities of delegates and alternates will be attending our BPOU Convention March 1st and attending the endorsing convention where you will endorse candidates for your House District (HD20b Bly or HD24b Fritz).


  • Work with Precinct and BPOU Officers to elect endorsed Republican Candidates.
    • Attend Conventions and be an involved participant in the political process.
    • Support Candidates and the Party financially.
    • Assist Candidates and your BPOU by helping with fund raising events, Get-Out-The-Vote phoning, literature drops, and sign placement.

The caucus tradition was designed to provide the strongest candidates to represent your area. As much as many would like to disengage from politics, I believe the opposite is needed. The infrastructure is in place to win elections on principle, but it requires the participation of engaged individuals. Let’s kick this year off with a strong showing. See you there.