Your precinct is the smallest government area mapped in the US, served by one polling place and is comprised of your neighbors. One of the activities for caucus night is to elect who will represent your precinct within the party. This representation gives the average Republican a contact close to them which they can utilize to stay part of the process.

Some precincts have barbecues and are active in driving early voting as well as get out the vote campaigns.  Precincts in Rice County can hold local events to introduce our endorsed candidates to their friends and neighbors. Active precincts can be the difference between winning and losing elections.



  • Represent the Republican Party to the voters in your Precinct.
  • Support Candidates and the Party financially.
  • Recruit volunteers and assist Candidates and your BPOU by helping with fund raising events, Get-Out-The-Vote phoning, literature drops, and sign placement.
  • Fill your Precinct delegation for BPOU Conventions. If any Delegates are not attending, ask Alternates to attend to fill missing Delegate seats.  Then seat the appropriate Delegates and Alternates at the Convention.


2018 Republican Precinct Caucuses

February 6th 7:00PM

Join your friends and neighbors at your local Republican Precinct Caucuses.