Earlier this week, the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), the state’s largest small business group, awarded me with the Guardian of Small Business Award. In the press release announcing the award, the NFIB had the following to say about me:
Representative Daniels made many votes that were critical for small business, including a vote for significant tax reductions and reforms that included conforming Minnesota’s estate tax exemption to that of the federal, and a significant reduction in commercial property taxes that would make Minnesota much more competitive on a critical issue. He also supported legislation that provided employers a significant unemployment insurance tax credit that will reduce taxes by 27-29% and made a vote for reforming the healthcare component of workers compensation that is escalating out of control, and many others.
I am honored to accept the award. One of my top priorities in representing Faribault and the surrounding communities has been to fight for small businesses. Thank you for the support! Please see the attached press release for more information. NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award