To the editor:

These days it seems that everyone is talking about the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been little else in the news. For good reason; we are up against a new disease that crawled out of the proverbial jungles of China. The economic hardships resulting from our government’s decision to shutter our public habits is a plight of its own.

As we discuss how to fight the disease, we should also be discussing another topic: the reopening of our economy. Not everyone wants to have this conversation, but it is a necessary one. Some of our bolder elected leaders, like U.S. Rep. Jim Hagedorn, have been willing to have this conversation. One example of a company doing the same thing is SageGlass.

SageGlass, based in our very own Faribault, is a crucial manufacturer of electrochromic glass, which is essential for modern construction practices. They have been shut down since March 16 but plan to re-open soon with beefed-up sterilization and sanitation practices, and a strict social distancing guideline. This approach seems sensible. Hagedorn and others are right, we need to implement responsible ways to unleash the workforce and restart our economy. The current path, which in Minnesota appears to be based on inaccurate modeling and overly pessimistic assumptions, is completely unsustainable.

Thanks to SageGlass for helping lead the way to return to the normalcy we so desperately need.

Kathy Brown Dodds

Originally published in the Faribault Daily News, April 2020