Jason Lewis, the Republican candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s 2nd District, released the following video in response to news of Obamacare’s rising costs for Minnesotans. His comments come in the wake of recent reports that Minnesotans’ healthcare premium increases for 2017 will once again average over 50% – with some skyrocketing a whopping 66 percent – leaving ratepayers at a financial breaking point.

While Angie Craig has supported the “Affordable Care Act,” even arguing that we must ‘continue to look for ways to expand Obamacare’ Jason Lewis has for years stood unwaveringly against the disastrous law.

Jason Lewis spent his career in the private sector. First running a small family business founded by his grandfather, then working the next 25 years on the broadcast airwaves as an independent voice in the national political conversation by talking with fellow Minnesotans and Americans about solutions to our greatest problems. An active Minnesota resident for two decades, Lewis’ mother was born and raised in North Minneapolis and his wife Leigh is a St. Paul native. They have two daughters. Jason is also an author and public speaker. Lewis won his competitive, multi-candidate primary contest with 49% of the vote share on August 9, 2016

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