(Minneapolis, Minn.,) –  Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman, Keith Downey, released the following statement tonight regarding the radical left-wing agenda of Angie Craig, the Democrat candidate in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District. “Angie Craig is so far left you can’t even see her from the second district. Just like the DNC rigged Hillary’s win over Bernie Sanders, Angie Craig was hand-picked and protected by the Democrat establishment.  And now they will try to hide her truly radical agenda, but the facts speak for themselves. Craig supports proposed massive tax increases, trillions more in national debt, the destruction of energy jobs in Minnesota, and the same weak leadership that has made us vulnerable both abroad and here at home. Craig is a horrible fit for the second district, and a horrible choice at this pivotal time in our country.” The post Release: Just How Radical Is Angie Craig? appeared first on MNGOP.