Growing the MN GOP from the Bottom Up

BPOU stands for Basic Political Operating Unit. What that really means though, is that a BPOU is the lowest level of political organization. In rural areas, a BPOU may be an entire county, such as your Rice County BPOU.   It is where the rubber meets the road within the your party.  With your help we intend to grow our BPOU year round, take a larger role in getting our candidates elected and serve as a conduit for community involvement within the party.

The BPOU operates as a fairly independent group. It has it’s own leadership, membership, budget, etc.  Each BPOU endorses members during election years at it’s caucuses.   And during off-election years holds conventions to elect officers and other business.

Each BPOU consists of many precincts. These precincts vary in size but are used to help organize votes and voting locations on Election Day.


All volunteer and all local.

Organization purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be the maintenance and advancement of good government as set forth in the United States Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights; performing the county’s responsibilities relative to the Rice County Convention, the 1st and 2nd Congressional District Republican Convention, the Minnesota Convention and the National Republican Convention.

Upcoming BPOU Meetings

There are no upcoming events at this time.