About Rice County Republicans

BPOU stands for Basic Political Operating Unit. The BPOU is the local level of a political organization. In rural areas, a BPOU may be an entire county, such as our Rice County BPOU. With your help, we intend to grow our BPOU year-round, By joining the BPOU, you take a role in getting our candidates elected and serve as a conduit for community involvement within the Party.

The BPOU operates as an independent group and relies on volunteers and donations. It has its own leadership, membership, budget, etc. The BPOU holds caucuses in the odd numbered years (manned by volunteers) so that those who are new to the political process can get involved at the ‘Grass Roots Level’ by becoming a delegate or an alternate.

Each BPOU consists of one or more senate districts, two or more house districts, and many precincts. The senate districts and house districts can also cross county lines. However, only precincts within our county (Rice) caucus with us. Other precincts will caucus with their own county BPOU's (currently our senate/house districts reach into Steele, Waseca, Goodhue, Le Sueur, Scott, & Dakota Counties). Precincts within each BPOU area, vary in size. The are used to help organize votes and voting locations on Election Day. With the 2022 Redistricting within the borders of Rice County, we now have two (2) Congressional Districts, three (3) Senate Districts and four (4) House Districts. In addition to holding the Republican Caucuses, we also hold the county convention, one or more endorsing convention, and when necessary, we hold them with other BPOU's; all od which are put on at the expense of the BPOU's. All funding comes from donations, fundraisers, and sometime an admission fee. 


The purpose of the Rice County Republican BPOU is to help recruit, train, and assist in getting elected quality Republican candidates for public office both partisan and non-partisan as well as National, State, local School Board, County, City and Township boards and offices within Rice County.


Map of Rice County Republicans (BPOU) – Precinct Map

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