We hope to be accepting online contributions in the near future. In the mean time we will gladly accept your donation by check or money order. 

Political Contribution Refund (PCR)

Your political contributions made between January 1, 2022 and December 31st, 2022 to the Rice County Republicans may qualify for a refund. So you really are not out anything, because you will get your money back in 3-6 weeks normally. 

The refund is the amount of your contributions up to $50 for an individual or $100 for a married couple (if you file a joint Political Contribution Refund application).

It's more like your money is on hold for maybe a total of six - eight weeks. You contribute, get the forms to fill out and mail to the State of MN, and they send you back your refund (as listed above). You are not out anything and you are helping out your local Republican BPOU and the Republican Candidates that we all support.

Here is what you do:

1. Send your check/money order to:

Rice County Republicans
Dundas, MN 55019

2. After we receive it, we will send you a receipt (Form EP3), along with the PCR application (usually 1-3 weeks from the time you send it until you receive this information back from us. . 

3. Complete the 2022 PCR application form (Click Here)

4. Attach the receipt (EP3-Form) to the political contribution refund application form.

5. Mail the application form and receipt to:

Minnesota Department of Revenue
Political Contribution Refund
600 N. Robert St. St. Paul, MN 55146-1800

6. You should receive your check in about 3 weeks.

Please note, we will need you to also be sure you send us your full name and address, and if you are contributing more than $200 you will need to provide us with the name of your employer.